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The success of the implementation of any behavioral culture program depends essentially on the participation and commitment of senior management and its leadership, who must provide not only the necessary resources, but also make their actions consistent with the guidelines and premises of a company that has safety as a non-negotiable value.
COCA-COLA | Occupational Health and Safety Manager
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Since we implemented the safety diary, we felt the need to monitor the satisfaction of our leadership regarding the methodology. To help us understand the difficulties and benefits that the program was bringing us. EHS was hired to do the monthly monitoring with all the leaders involved. It is very good to have people who know our objectives and are able to extract, through monthly calls, the impressions of our team and can guide us on what to prioritize at the moment so that the tool can be improved and we can have better results and engagement from everyone.
UNILEVER | EHS Coordinator
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EHS offered us an easy-to-understand proposal where they came to our unit to understand our specific needs. After we approved the project, EHS came to our unit and brought all the necessary material. I thought the work was great.
HP | Occupational Safety Coordinator
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The culture audit applied here at PepsiCo had great value, because we were able to reliably know our level of culture on the themes of Environment, Health and Safety. In this way, we were able to prove the high quality of the information received and at the appropriate time to help us continue on the path of excellence.
PEPSICO | Environment, Health and Safety National Manager